What is Subdivision Code in Electricity Bill - Where to find ?

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What is the Subdivision Code in an  Electricity Bill?

Subdivision Codes are that types of code which are used to denote / represent the Name of the nation / Country Subdivision.
These Codes Shows the Smaller part of the  State, Regions or Areas.

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Mainly Subdivisions Codes are used at the time of Electricity Bill Payments. In few of the Electricity Bill Payments App, Subdivision codes are filled automatically but in few apps without the code Electricity Bill or Bijlli Bill can not be paid.

So if you are also going to pay the Electricity Bill using the app in which Subdivision Code is necessary, then you may ask that from where is get My  Subdivision Code?
Then my answer will be you can get all the Subdivision Codes of Jharkhand for Electricity Bill by simply visiting to this Page "Subdivision Code List of Jharkhand for Electricity Bill Payment".

Sub Division Code in Electricity Bill Jaipur.

You can get your Jaipur Subdivision code from the electricity bill which you got after offline payment of your bill.

What is Sub Division Code in Electricity Bill Jharkhand - Where to find ?.

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