‘Night - Cloaked Deck’ Answer Today– NYT Crossword Clue May 2023

Night Cloaked Deck - Answers for the "Fictional figure who often visits the night cloaked deck" clue from the New York Times crossword can be found here. Whenever we come across a new solution for this clue, we frequently update that to the list below. If you see multiple answers, please note that the most recent one is located at the end.

‘Night - Cloaked Deck’ Answer Today– NYT Crossword Clue May 2023

Answer to Night-Cloaked Deck Clue: 


Please note that the answer to the "Night-Cloaked Deck" clue in the New York Times crossword may vary in different puzzles. Therefore, we recommend reviewing all the answers provided below until you find the one that corresponds to the specific clues in your current puzzle. We update our list regularly to ensure you have access to the most accurate answer to help you solve the crossword and unravel the mystery!

It's important to keep in mind that this crossword clue may have different answers each time it appears in a new New York Times crossword. Therefore, we suggest examining all the answers until you find the one that matches the current clue accurately.

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